Our Company

Our tents will provide comfort for your celebrations in the open air in any weather. We know all about tents and easily help you find the best option for the tasks you set. The priority direction of the company is the rental and sale of tents of various models and sizes, accessories, furniture, decor and many other additional options. For cooperation, rent and purchase, contact the contact details listed on our website.  

Our Services

Our services is to acquaint you with experts in the field of architecture, design, engineering and other areas related to the construction of structures and tent architecture for your events and gathering. If you need to conduct any wedding with high quality and with dignity, please contact us and our company’s specialists will help you to make the most favorable and positive impression on your guests.

  1. Designing

    We design our tent with designed draperies. From creative stiching and nice looking canvas our Wedding Tent has it all.

  2. Production

    Our wedding tents aree beautiful, practical, reliable, easily mounted and convenient for transportation. They come in various shapes and sizes: square, six or octagonal, rounded.

  3. Shipping

    We will keep our clients informed by e-mail for different steps about the shipping concerning your order.

  4. Feedback

    Very clean structures and a great job done by event enthusiasts! Do not change anything and good luck to you!

    – Anne-Sophie

    Adorable Hugo and Pauline allowed us to have a great wedding anniversary with their beautiful tents! Thanks to you 2 again!

     – Gisèle & Jean

    Thank you for all your valuable advice and the good tastes of Hugo for the really successful decoration !!!

    – Sophie M.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is the professional and high-quality implementation of the ideas of our customers, which relate to the use of beautiful, stylish awnings and membrane structures. We pursue the goal – to create the best product line and services in the field of production, as well as the sale of membrane and awning structures of various purposes. Our main goal is to acquaint you with experts in the field of architecture, design, engineering and other areas related to the construction of membrane structures and tent architecture. 

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

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